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Welcome to the ‘Be More Tigerlily’ website and ‘The Adventure Log’ Blog – thank you for coming along to say hi! ‘Be More Tigerlily’ is a social media management and user-generated content creation business that started in 2021 with the simple coincidence of someone messaging me, saying they liked my Instagram and asking if I might be able to do anything for them! Since then my social media skills have improved and my expertise has expanded enough that I’ve decided to make it my full-time job and the result was ‘Be More Tigerlily’!

What does ‘Be More Tigerlily’ mean?

In short, ‘Be More Tigerlily’ means be brave, be adventurous, be the version of yourself that you dream one day you will be…

Tigerlily is the highest version of yourself. She is the version of you that you see in your mind’s eye when you imagine what your future will look like… The happiest, most abundant, most peaceful version of yourself.

I created Tigerlily as an anxiety-fuelled 15-year-old who was afraid of everything and really wished she wasn’t. Tigerlily was the version of myself that I wished I was; a warrior princess who was capable of anything. For a while I only allowed myself to answer to opportunities in a way that Tigerlily would; ‘no’s became  ‘yes’s and ‘I’m too scared’ became ‘sure, why not’. Sooner or later I found that I’d become closer aligned with her than I’d realised and my anxiety had shrunk down to a far more manageable pea-size.

Since then, Tigerlily has grown and evolved as my dreams have done so; she is never me, but the key is that she is never me yet. My hope by starting Be More Tigerlily is that she can be for you the same that she has been for me; an idealised version of yourself to align yourself with and work towards, without ever quite catching her… To catch her would be to take away her magic after all…

Setting Up a Social Media Business

I would be lying if I said that setting up a social media management business has been easy – website creation is definitely not one of my specialties and not something I will be doing again! But we got there! However, I love content creation and telling stories through images, short videos, & words… I’m also a massive reader, no surprises there! So I’ve loved every minute of making this business come to life and I hope if you’re reading this you’ll love what I’ve created.

Social Media Services

I offer a range of packages, covering most social medias, including Instagram, Facebook, Threads, Pinterest & TikTok. These packages range from smaller scale, to enormous, so that there is an option for every business, every budget and every social media goal. However, if you find that none of the packages are quite right for you, I also offer a range of add-ons so that you can tailor each package to suit your own brand’s needs.

User-Generated Content Creation

I also offer UGC Creation services for brands if you’re looking for videos and images to be both shot & edited by me. These services come in a variety of different formats, depending on what you’re looking for, including one-off and recurring posts, reels and stories, posted on my own social medias, or yours.

Additionally, I offer blog-writing services; either including your brand in my own blog, The Adventure Log, or writing blogs for your own website.

The Adventure Log

So, what part will The Adventure Log play in all of this? The Adventure Log is my place to talk about my adventures and what happens to have caught my attention at the moment. By setting up a social media business I didn’t want to lose my own love for storytelling and content creation, and so we have The Adventure Log! The topics of our blog posts vary from week to week but generally they’ll be related to lifestyle and travels, but you might also find the odd social media nugget of inspiration now and again! The goal with these posts will be to provide you with inspiration and top tips for your own travels and adventures and I hope that you’ll find them useful. If you do take inspiration from any of them, or from the ‘Be More Tigerlily’ message in general, please use the hashtag #BeMoreTigerlily in your social media posts (especially Instagram) as I would love to see what adventures you get up to!

Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello, it means the world! Please make sure to follow on social media to stay up to date with all the Tigerlily adventures and use the hashtag #BeMoreTigerlily to share your own adventures!

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