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Meet Chloe-Anne...

Be More Tigerlily was founded by Chloe-Anne in 2021 out of a love for storytelling through social media and design.

A sense of adventure, endless imagination & love for our planet forms the inspiration behind my own work, as a result of growing up with a huge passion for history, literature & travel. However, this love for exploration comes to the forefront in my work for other brands where I thoroughly enjoy the explorative process of understanding each unique source of inspiration & motivation. I use this knowledge to gain insight into your brand and create content that expresses your brand’s ethos as organically & truthfully as possible.

I love helping brands to reach their full potential through social media, particularly Instagram, so if you’re feeling stuck when it comes to your socials, don’t hesitate to get in touch! I particularly enjoy any opportunity to work with brands whose ethos is similar to my own whether that’s through a love for the planet, an enormous imagination, or an adventurous spirit, or all three. Nevertheless, if that’s not quite your vibe I’d still love to hear from you! Drop me a message and we can see how I might be able to help with your brand journey.

Love, Chloe-Anne xx

so, who is tigerlily?

Tigerlily is the highest version of yourself. She is the version of you that you see in your mind’s eye when you imagine what your future will look like… The happiest, most abundant, most peaceful version of yourself.

I created Tigerlily as an anxiety-fuelled 15-year-old who was afraid of everything and really wished she wasn’t. Tigerlily was the version of myself that I wished I was; a warrior princess who was capable of anything. For a while I only allowed myself to answer to opportunities in a way that Tigerlily would; ‘no’s became  ‘yes’s and ‘I’m too scared’ became ‘sure, why not’. Sooner or later I found that I’d become closer aligned with her than I’d realised and my anxiety had shrunk down to a far more manageable pea-size.

Since then, Tigerlily has grown and evolved as my dreams have done so; she is never me, but the key is that she is never me yet. My hope by starting Be More Tigerlily is that she can be for you the same that she has been for me; an idealised version of yourself to align yourself with and work towards, without ever quite catching her… To catch her would be to take away her magic after all.

So, take some time to dream her (or him, or them) up, then get in touch to see how I can help make them a reality, using social media as a tool to bring your brand dream to life.

Love, Tigerlily xx

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